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Rick Hampton Square Dance Caller    

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Rick Hampton's Brief Bio

My Career- I am a Professional Square Dance Caller and Recording Artist- I co own Fine Tune Records  and GoldWing Records. I am the artist on the top selling records Song Sung Blue, Tune Up, Old Fashioned Love Song, I Can't get no Satisfaction, Spanish eyes and Many More! I have been featured as the Caller of the Month-Click in Sets in Order, The official Magazine of The American Society of Square Dancing,-(Feb. 1985 Issue-Click above link for the article). I have served  on the Callerlab  MS, Advanced and Record Producer committees to name a few as well as teaching numerous successful caller's schools. After some 25 years in broadcasting (12 years of which I also kept up a fulltime Calling schedule)  I  retired from  broadcasting and I am once again calling full time. I am an American Callers association member , A GCA member as well as a member of Callerlab- I'm not doing that to save money-I'm doing that to help us survive. and I'm the ONLY West Coast ACA Certified Caller Coach. During the week I call for 1 Plus/New dancer Groups,2 A2 group, a Basic 51 group and a EZ MS Senior Class.  I am once again traveling I would love to talk with you about a date Please give me a call at 559-909-1232 and we'll set one up! .(I am also available for emergency fill in on a limited basis-Call me)
My Teaching Philosophy-
   I believe that Square Dancing is a fun, Family activity that is suitable for Most folks. I teach calls by their accepted definition and work them from many formations to insure success when you go DANCE somewhere else. My biggest reward is to hear you say "We were having fun and Dancing and not breaking down at .."(Another caller's dance) I am thankful to hear this frequently. I also think that new dancers must be retained and work very hard at this goal even if it breaks with the "we have always done this way -so what if it doesn't work approach" many clubs sadly have. I have had tremendous success in the area of Dancer retention over the years and will work with your group to "Keep 'em coming back"
My Calling Philosophy- I believe that Calling interesting ,"Non-Vanilla" Choreography in an up-tempo presentation with well produced , quality music brings a fresh approach to a time tested activity. I believe that every dancer should dance to a variety of callers. I believe that dancers have the right to choose where they will have the most fun and I encourage them to support those groups. I believe that Square Dancing is undergoing an image crisis and I'm actively working to improve the situation. I believe to survive we must change as the future dancers have not been willing to do it "our way".
My Personal Philosophy-
I believe that my family (My lovely wife Lynn and 2 my GREAT daughters, Jessica and Cassie and My Grandsons Demitri, Landon and .Granddaughter Addelyn ), my career and my life are a gift from GOD and thank him daily for these and so many more blessings I have been given.
My Health- I received a Liver Transplant 2/28-3/1/13 and by the grace of GOD, My Wife Lynn and family, along with thousands of prayers- I'm OK- No rejection, just annoying muscle trouble. Other than needing speakers set up for me- I'm 99%